About Local 7

Local 7 is home to over 3,000 of New England's best Ironworkers. We were chartered in 1896 as a part of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers. Our Union is committed to supplying well trained, drug free, men and women that work safely and efficiently to signatory contractors in our area, and secure by legal and proper means adequate wages, benefits, and working conditions for their labor. We have Offices in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, MA as well as in Clinton, ME and South Portsmouth, NH.

Longfellow Bridge
Holy Cross

Mission and Values

As Ironworkers, we adhere to a standard of excellence. We will increase the pride, the productivity, and the craftsmanship of every Ironworker. We will improve work place conditions, increase work opportunities, and help maintain our wages, benefits and standard of living.

I have responsibilities to all Ironworkers and to the job at hand. I will show up everyday, work hard, and cooperate with my customer and employer. I will also do my job safely so that my co-workers and I return home safe at the conclusion of every shift.

Most importantly we respect our work. That means that we respect our customers and our employers. It means that we respect our customer’s and employer’s rights, property, and tools as we do our own.
Safety is of vital importance to an Ironworker. It is our job to make sure that everyone can return home safely. We follow our safety procedures not only for ourselves but for our coworkers and those on the ground below our feet.
Local 7 cares about our members growing. We provide learning opportunities for our journeymen and offer apprenticeship programs. We also work with inner city programs to get people off the streets, off drugs, out of rehab, and into a fulfilling job.

Local History


On June 1, 1896, Local 7 was chartered as part of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers in Philadelphia, PA. Unfortunately, their charter was revoked on March 31, 1897.

Move to Boston

Local 7 was chartered in Boston on April 15. On that date, Boston became the first city with two Ironworker local unions (along with Local 4). Local 4's charter was revoked March 31, 1902.

Post WWII Boom

After World War II Local 7 entered a growth period until the 1970's. With men returning home and the United States out of the Great Depression, Local 7 Ironworkers were in demand.

Generations of Ironworkers

Many of our members are 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th generation Ironworkers, so our mission and goals have been passed down since 1896. We want to improve work conditions for Ironworkers in our territory and across the United States.

Riding the Ball

Local 7

International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental & Reinforcing Iron Workers

Business Manager

Shawn Nehiley


Rick Abbott

Financial Secretary-Treasurer

William P. Hurley

Vice President

Craig McLaughlin

Recording Secretary

Michael Smith

Business Agents

Kevin Collins (Boston North)

Vincent Coyle, Jr. (Boston South)

Michael Hess (Boston West)

Business Agents
Industry Analyst

Stephen Williams (Boston)

Walter Belmonte (Boston)

Daniel Morganelli (Worcester)

Fiore Grassetti (S. Vermont/Springfield)

Steven Burke (N. Vermont/NH)

Reginald Munson (Maine)


Michael Cohen

Michael King

Nathaniel Irish

Executive Board

Randolph Green

Robert Joyce

Charles J. Neulist, III

Thomas Ward

Christopher Beaton

Examining Board

Michael Basile

Kevin Hart

William Wilkinson, III


Raphael Santana

Sgt At Arms

Derrick Echols