Apprentices and Boston Residents


Attention all Apprentices and Boston Residents!

Please attend the following meeting Monday night 2/12/2018 at 6:30 pm at 33 Arch St on the 29th floor in Boston. Any apprentices that go make sure you check in with Walter Belmonte.

The owner is looking for our support!!!

115 Winthrop Square / its a 725 foot tower
Public Meeting to discuss the proposed redevelopment of a City of Boston-owned parcel of land which previously included an abandoned 1,125 vehicle parking garage that was closed in 2013 due to safety concerns and is currently in the process of being razed. The Proposed Project includes redeveloping the parcel into a vibrant mixed-use project with approximately 1.592 million square feet containing residential, office, retail, restaurant, parking and other commercial uses along with a vibrant and inclusive Great Hall space.